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'Connect-All' is a very simple and addictive brain puzzle game.✔ Rule of Game - Cover the entire board with one connection to solve each puzzle.- Start at #1 and finish at the biggest number.- Follow the sequence of numbers.
✔ Easy Control- You can enjoy the game by touching and moving with your only one finger.
✔ Various contents- By default, Total 2,268 puzzles of varying difficulties.- From very easy puzzle to really difficult one.- 6 different board sizes.- Additional 3,024 puzzles of varying difficulties are available for purchase.
✔ Various modes- Play Game mode: Feel free to enjoy the basic game-mode casually. - Time Attack Mode: Try to challenge how many puzzles you can solve within the limited time.: The basic time is given for each level. After the basic time per level is lapsed, the total time for the game will be decreasing.
✔ Challenge- Track your completion of each level in Play Game mode.- Strive for accuracy in Play Game mode using the fewest, most efficient movements.- Strive for speed in Time Attack mode for the most and fastest solutions.
✔ Hint - Try using the hints by touching the bulb icon in the difficult level.
✔ Cooperation with friends.- Ask your friends for help to solve difficult puzzle.- On friends' request, send your friends the solution of puzzle faster than anyone else.- E-mail/Facebook/Twitter/KakaoTalk are available.
✔ Star system- Collect stars.- You can unlock more packs by using stars.
✔ Flow and Connect-All